Angelic Doctor Academy is a Traditional Catholic homeschool for grades 9 – 12.   We think parents will appreciate our solid Catholic curriculum (including many new Catholic textbooks).   Our unique grading system saves parents from the tedium of correcting schoolwork, allowing them to concentrate on teaching, guiding, and parenting.

Solid Catholic Curriculum

Catholic teachings guide our curriculum across all subjects, including many new Traditional Catholic textbooks..

We grade *all* the coursework

Yes, even the weekly / daily exercises!   Our unique grading system is a major time saver for busy Catholic parents – especially Mom!

Parents are always in the know

Easy-to-read charts show you the grade and the schedule status.

Very affordable!

We homeschool too, and know what it is like to meet a budget.  We think you will love our pricing!

Adaptable enrollment!

  Not all parents have the same goals.      We will help you customize and adapt the curriculum exactly as you wish. Take all courses or even just one. 

Generous referral program

Get $50 per family you send our way.  Learn more

Convenience: we grade *everything*!

Even the weekly / daily coursework

Parents always know...

Just a glance at the student’s weekly progress report tells the story.