Course: Catholic Apologetics

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The Catholic Faith is constantly under attack by enemies on all sides.   It is critical that our youth be well armed to defend themselves, their future families, and the Truth itself!  Our high school apologetics course is meant to do just that.  We use, but are not limited to, Fr. Laux's Catholic Apologetics book.  Fr. Laux was an experienced high school teacher himself.

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$ 75

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Textbook: Catholic Apologetics - A Course in Religion


Author: Fr. Laux

Publisher: Tan Books

Publisher's Description:

No Catholic should pass beyond the age of 16 without being able to answer clearly, both to himself and to others, the challenges of those who do not believe in the existence of God, of Christ or the teachings of the Catholic Church. In this compact book, Fr John Laux gives both the student and the adult reader dozens of excellent, well reasoned answers to the classic objections against the Catholic Faith. He covers all the fundamental truths of the Faith. Providing both facts and sound logical reasoning for every question he considers. Every Catholic should have a firm grounding regarding the reasonableness of his beliefs, lest he fall victim to the superficial objections of of the world which have been refuted over and over again for years, even for centuries. From this book, the reader will derive the confidence that there are not only answers, but excellent, thought provoking, logical answers to any and all difficulties abut the Faith which may arise. Fr Laux's presentation is thus a powerful tool to help souls hold fast with firm confidence to their Faith which time and again has proved to be the bulwark of sanity in this world, as well as the inestimable Pearl of Great Price for which true believers will sacrifice anything to possess.

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ISBN: 9780895553942

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Exercise Manual: Catholic Apologetics - STUDENT EXERCISES


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