Course: Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen)

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The romantic clash between the prejudiced Elizabeth Bennet and the prideful Mr. Darcy is the theme of this masterpiece of Jane Austen. Elizabeth's family and their escapades provide ample occasion for considering the question of different social classes in 19th-century England. Themes include the riveting and moving novel of a wealthy English nobleman who falls in love, against the odds, with a young English woman of a lower class; their tumultuous courtship; the challenges each faces; and the lessons they learn about themselves and their families.  The novel ends with two engagements and one marriage.
As with all Jane Austen works, the not-yet-matured reader looking for quick plot movement and adventure will be disappointed, as the ideas are subtle, but the humor is wonderful and few readers will walk away unmoved.

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Textbook: Pride and Prejudice


Author: Jane Austen

Publisher: Wordsworth Collector's Editions

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Jane Austen is one of the finest female novelists who ever lived, and Pride and Prejudice is probably the best and most popular of her novels. An undoubted classic of world literature, its profound Christian morality is all too often missed or willfully overlooked by today's (post) modern critics. Yet Austen saw the follies and foibles of human nature, and the frictions and fidelities of family life, with an incisive eye that penetrates to the very heart of the human condition.

ISBN: 9781840227932

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