Course: Catechism Level 3

Course description:

This is Level Three of a five-part catechism series (Primer and Levels One through Four) for elementary and high school students.  This Level Three is a very noticeable step up from Level Two - not only in the concepts, but in the many important details.  

The study of catechism is so very important.  Catechisms are an excellent summary of the most important truths of our Faith, and these truths should be memorized by the student.  How many Catholics adults have avoided pitfalls and losing their Faith thanks to having carefully memorized their childhood catechisms?  

The broad overview of this course is "What to believe (the Creed)"  and  "What to do (the Commandments and Sacraments)."  Most solid Catholic catechisms, including that used in this course, condense Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and the wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas into a simple question and answer format. 

Catechism in general, however, is necessary but not sufficient preparation for facing the trials, temptations, doubts, and scandals this sinful world will expose the student to.  It is necessary to study catechism because everyone needs the "Catholic answer" to avoid going wrong, even if they do not completely understand or cannot defend that answer.     But catechism is not sufficient; the Catholic student should move beyond catechism and learn the "why" of the answers.   These answers are understood more fully in our Catholic Apologetics and Papal Encyclical courses.

This Level Three course is suitable for the high school (grades 9 - 12) or for the mature upper middle-school (grade 8).

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$ 150

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Textbook: Baltimore Catechism #3


Author: Staff of Christ the King Books

Publisher: Christ the King Books

Publisher's Description:

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The Baltimore Catechism series has formed generations of Catholics, teaching them to memorize, understand, and love their Catholic Faith.  This series conveniently summarizes the soul-saving truths and wisdom of the Catholic Church, especially as formulated by her greatest theologian - St. Thomas Aquinas.

With over 500 questions and clear answers, this Level Three is no exception.  With many more important details than Level Two, this third book in the series is recommended for grades 9-12 (or a mature 8th-grader).  Adults could also use it as a great refresher study. This is truly the most beautiful version of this classic catechism in print, with many full-color pictures added by our staff.

ISBN: 9781637940235

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Exercise Manual: Baltimore Catechism #3 - STUDENT EXERCISES


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