Course: Catholic Morality

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Pope St. Pius X lamented in his day that the world has never seen such degradation of morals and customs. How much more is this true in our day!   As militant Catholics, our students must have a good grasp on the principles of morality, as well as some familiarity with these principles in action - that is, applied to everyday circumstances. 
This is precisely what this great work by Fr. Laux will supply for the student.  The first section covers "General Morals", addressing the relation between Freedom and Law, Rights and Duties, etc., while the second section covers "Specific Morals", including the Theological virtues, Church Law regarding things pertaining to Religion, warnings against Socialism, Communism, and the dangers to Chastity. 
Fr. Laux is also the author of Catholic Apologetics and Church History  which are also used in our curriculum.

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$ 75

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Textbook: Catholic Morality - A Course in Religion


Author: Fr. Laux

Publisher: Tan Books

Publisher's Description:

A brief but complete book on traditional Catholic morality. Covers every basic aspect--the purpose of life, free will, the Natural Law, positive divine law, human positive laws, elements of a moral act, virtues, Christian perfections, Evangelical Counsels, nature of sin, kinds of sin, duties toward God, ourselves, our neighbor, the family, state, Church, etc.

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ISBN: 9780895553935

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Exercise Manual: Catholic Morality - STUDENT EXERCISES


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