Course: Various Catholic Historical Readings

Course description:

In this exciting course, the student will be exposed to a few great Catholic leaders who were inflamed with love of God and duty and who underwent severe trials as good Christians would.  

The great Isabella saved Spain from countless internal problems and traitors, as well as from external enemies (the Moslems).  She funded Columbus's voyages, which led to the discovery of the New World.

Soon after, the great Spanish conqueror Hernando Cortez almost miraculously conquered Mexico in an incredible story put to words by his biographer, who accompanied him. 

About some three hundred years later, the small country of Ecuador was honored with one of the greatest Catholic statemen who ever lived, President Garcia Moreno.  Moreno, like Isabella, rescued his country from instability and countless problems and put Catholicism front and center by making it the official State religion, as the popes consistently taught leaders to do.  For this, President Moreno earned the wrath of the Freemasons, who eventually murdered him just after Garcia attended Holy Mass.

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