Course: The History of the Catholic Church
The history of the Catholic Church from its founding, until 1940.

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Catholics sometimes confuse Church history with World history. 

World history focuses in general on all (or the most important) cultures, nations, religions, and political developments,
wars, civilizations, and other groups and the differences among them. 

Church history is narrower, but incomparably more important - limiting itself to the formation, growth, and spread of the Catholic Church across all nations, so that the One True Church and the One True Catholic Faith might lead men to eternal salvation.  The growth and spread of the True Church was not however, always smooth.  In fact, it is safe to say it has been rife with trouble, disputes, and suffering from the beginning until now. 

Church history is a critical, exciting, and enlightening subject which helps the student to see how the Apostles and their successors are fulfilling Christ's command, "
Go ye into the whole world, and preach the gospel to every creature."  (Mark 16:15)  It also shows in vivid color both the effects of original sin, and just how opposed the world is to Christ and His Kingship.

This is Fr. Laux's full history of the Catholic Church from its founding to the 1950's.   Mixed with the history are short biographies and famous writings of the different eras. Perfect for high schoolers and adults.

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$ 100

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Textbook: Church History - A Complete History of the Catholic Church to the Present Day


Author: Fr. Laux


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ISBN: 9780895553492

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Exercise Manual: Exercises Manual for Church History - A Complete History of the Catholic Church to the Present Day