Course: High School Composition - Level 1

Course description:

Good writing skills are essential for any student, but especially for Catholics.  Such skills are necessary in order to express one's own thoughts and his understanding of the value and significance of the great works of literature, art, history and science, and the noble achievements of Western Civilization.  Good writing also has beneficial effects on speaking and reading comprehension.   But perhaps most important is that good writing is critical to be able to defend our Holy Catholic Faith with clarity and coherence – not only to help oneself, but those around him.
In Level One of this two-part Traditional Catholic Composition Series, the student will begin with a quick review of grammar, as many students are deficient in this area, and this leads to frustration later when attempting to write formal compositions.   The student is then led, by means of many examples of fine writing, to create well-structured sentences, to develop a richer vocabulary, and finally, to write coherent and effective paragraphs.
After this, he is taught, step-by-step, how to develop, discipline, and refine his creativity in formal writing.  This is done by learning, step by step, how to compose in each of the broad categories of writing: expository, descriptive, narrative, and persuasive.   Along the way, he is treated to many edifying examples of Catholic and uplifting literature.  Highly recommended!

This is a modular course. Please click on any of the links below to see details for the subcourses.

Course fee:

$ 50