Course: High School Composition - Level 2

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Good writing skills are essential for any student, but especially for Catholics.  Such skills are necessary in order to express one's own thoughts and his understanding of the value and significance of the great works of literature, art, history and science, and the noble achievements of Western Civilization.  Good writing also has beneficial effects on speaking and reading comprehension.   But perhaps most important is that good writing is critical to be able to defend our Holy Catholic Faith with clarity and coherence – not only to help oneself, but those around him.
In Level Two of this two-part Traditional Catholic composition series, the student’s creativity and wordsmithing refinement are taken to a more sophisticated and challenging level.  This is done primarily by in-depth study and analysis of poetry of the masters.  Topics include figurative language, rhyme schemes, the many ways in which poetic lines can be internally structured, and the many forms poetry can take.  As with our prose lessons in Level One of this series, the student learns the art of fine composition by trying his hand, at every step of the way, at several of these well-known forms, such as sonnet, ode and ballad.

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$ 150

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Textbook: Composition for Catholic High School Students - Level 2


Author: Staff of Christ the King Books


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ISBN: 9781637940952

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Exercise Manual: Exercises Manual for Composition for Catholic High School Students – Level 2 - Level 2