Course: The Conquest of New Spain - the Story of the Conquest of Mexico by Hernando Cortez

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In this course, the study will read the incredible story of the accomplishments of the great Hernando Cortez, who for the glory of God and his Spanish king conquered the pagan and cannibalistic Aztec empire of Mexico in the early 1500’s.  Cortez did so with only several hundred men (and relatively few Indian allies), defeating hundreds of thousands of Aztec warriors in hand to hand combat.  The story is told by Bernal Diaz, one of the soldiers participating in the battles, as well as Cortez's official biographer. 

His leadership along with the courage and stamina of his men contributed to the accomplishment of the Catholic country of Mexico, as well as providing a safe base from which to convert much of the Americas to Catholicism. While millions of souls and whole countries were being lost from the Church in Europe (due to Luther and other heretics), Cortez’s heroic feat compensated the Church by the conversion of numerous souls in the New World.

There is violence and bloodshed in the book, including some description of the brutal Aztec human sacrifices.

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Textbook: The Conquest of New Spain


Author: Bernal Diaz Del Castillo


Publisher's Description:

How is it that the Glorious Catholic Faith was brought to Mexico, so that that nation could enjoy centuries of future holiness and the Church’s soul-saving teachings? Who made it possible for the Catholic missionaries to be safe and free to catechize the pagan Indian souls of that land, so that these missionaries might rescue them from their false religions and cannibalism? What human servants of the Queen of Heaven paved the way so that Our Lady of Guadalupe could later appear in peace to convert the pagans by the millions?

This book tells the little-heard story of one of the greatest and most courageous groups of men that ever fought – the little band of Spaniards led by the amazing Hernando Cortez. Landing in 1520 with a little over 500 men in what is today Mexico, this is the gripping account of the struggle of Cortez to conquer hundreds of thousands of pagan warriors, and to civilize Mexico for the Catholic Spanish King, Charles the First.

Chronicled by his official historian Bernal Diaz, we watch Cortez wage many battles with iron courage against unbelievable odds, savagery, and betrayal. Although very edifying, this book is admittedly more suitable more for boys than girls as there is warfare, violence, bloodshed, and even cannibalism described. Yet it is a must-read and excellent antidote to the strong modern pagan trends which slander everything Catholic and European, such as, for example, the glorious Christopher Columbus.

ISBN: 9780140441239

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