Course: Pope Gregory XVI - Encyclical on Liberalism ("Mirari Vos")

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This encyclical points out a few specific errors that stem from liberalism, including indifferentism, liberty of conscience, and false ideas of marriage. The pope then gives the true Catholic view we should take on these subjects. “On liberalism and religious indifferentism” He attacks common errors of our time (one religion is as good as another; the so-called “freedom of the press” so cherished by modern man, whether in print, video, or electronic – including the internet.

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$ 16.67

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Textbook: Encyclical On Liberalism and Religious Indifferentism (Mirari Vos) by Pope Gregory XVI - Annotated Encyclical Series for High School Students


Author: Staff of Christ the King Books


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ISBN: 9781637941799

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Exercise Manual: Exercises Manual for Encyclical On Liberalism and Religious Indifferentism (Mirari Vos)