Course: Introduction to Papal Encyclicals
A friendly preparation for the high school student

Course description:

This course is intended to prepare the student to read some easier but critical papal encyclicals. What are papal encyclicals, and why are they so important? This course explains not only that, but gives some important refresher catechism and Church history. Topics covered include: the sources of Divine Revelation (Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition), the Catholic Church’s Magisterium, the main document types of the Church Magisterium – including papal encyclicals, and papal infallibility. This is a short and important little course.

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$ 16.67

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Textbook: Introduction to Papal Encyclicals - A Friendly Introduction for High School Students


Author: Staff of Christ the King Books


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ISBN: 9781637941775

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Exercise Manual: Exercises Manual for Introduction to Papal Encyclicals