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Gabriel Garcia Moreno was first elected to the presidency of Ecuador in 1861 and once again after that.  Besides saving his country from the constant wars and instability stirred up by the revolutionaries, he restored higher education and a good economy to his country.  Most importantly however, he made Ecuador a Catholic State in accordance with the Church's social teachings.  His policies incurred the hatred of his enemies in his own government and the Freemasons, who brutally assassinated him on August 6, 1875 after he walked out of First Friday Mass.
This is the exciting and inspiring story of one of the greatest modern-day Catholic statesmen.  He fought to keep his country Catholic against the enemies of Our Lord (e.g. Freemasons, revolutionaries, and atheists.).   May he soon be declared a great martyr-saint by the Church!

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Textbook: Garcia Moreno: President of Ecuador


Author: Augustine Berthe


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Gabriel García Moreno has been called one of the greatest Catholic statesmen of the modern era. An astounding man, Moreno was well-educated, brilliant, prudent, extremely courageous, and very pious. After rising through the ranks, Moreno was practically forced out of need by his countrymen to serve two separate terms as president of Ecuador. As president, he constantly strove to do just what St. Thomas Aquinas teaches a good statesman should do: he strove to increase the common good – especially that of virtue and holiness amongst his beloved Ecuadorian citizens.

He was faced with frequent setbacks, threats, violence, and even physical attacks from the Freemasons and liberals who had a powerful influence on the country. These evil men were striving constantly for revolution and tyranny, and to undo the good as fast as Moreno could do it. But they misunderstood and underestimated the greatness of the man they dealt with, strengthened as he was by God.

Moreno had an iron will and worked tirelessly to implement the very thing his enemies feared the very most: a close union of Church and State, as consistently taught by the entire lineage of saints, Fathers, Doctors, and good popes of old. The results were astounding! Catholic schools, orphanages, hospitals were built; the citizens felt safe and protected, crime and corruption decreased, religious vocations increased, and Ecuador thrived economically. The citizens loved Moreno and respected him as if he were their father. Moreno, sensing that his godless enemies’ frustrations had grown to the boiling point, calmly prepared for death. Knowing that Moreno went to morning Mass every day, they ruthlessly assassinated him in in broad daylight as he came out of the church after Mass.

This book is a must-read for the more mature high school student, as it not only tells the story of a great Catholic leader, but more importantly, it teaches by example the things very that all leaders have a solemn duty to strive for. Recommended for grades 11-12.

ISBN: 9781637941768

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