Course: Classical Geometry

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Course description:

Would you like your child to really, really be able to think clearly?   Please read on - this course may be for you.

This course consiss of two sub-courses which cover what is perhaps the greatest mathematical and logic work ever written, Euclid's Elements of Geometry.  While modern geometry books come and go, Euclid's Elements of Geometry, written over 2,500 years ago, has remained an astounding classic ever since.

We believe there is no course in our curriculum more powerful and effective in forming the student's thinking skills than Euclid's Elements (also known as Euclidean geometry).  In fact, Euclid's presentation of geometry as a science is the clearest and most perfect example of a science we have ever seen.  He begins with only a small set of simple tools like basic definitions and postulates and from these builds a beautiful structure of proofs.  It is hard to know what to enjoy more - the truths he proves, or the methods of his science. 

Euclidean geometry was the standard text in high school geometry until about 1900, when education became much more modern and inferior.    We strongly encourage you to consider having your child take this course instead of our modern geometry course.   We way this not because our modern geometry course is poorly written or presented, but simply because no geometry presentation can compete with the beauty or match the benefits to the student's mind that Euclidean geometry provides.   WARNING:  This course is not for every student.  If your child likes a challenge, loves to learn, and is not afraid of hard work, this course is probably for him.  If however, any of those qualities lack, we recommend instead our modern geometry course.   If you are not sure which way to go, you could enroll him in Part One of this course.  If he enjoys it, move on to Part Two for the second semester.  If it does not work out, you can cancel this course and we will refund your course fees if done within the two months of enrollment - that is how much we try to get students to take this course.   The student could then switch to modern geometry.

Our modern geometry course is in keeping with modern education in general - problem solving and applications of formulas to real world situations.  This is a fine thing, but such skills are far inferior to what Euclid does here: to form the mind by careful science, theory, thinking, and knowledge itself.

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$ 100

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Book(s) used:

Textbook: Euclidean Geometry - Annotated for High School Students


Author: Euclid; edited by Dana Densmore; translation


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ISBN: 9781637940891

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Exercise Manual: Exercises Manual for Euclidean Geometry - Annotated for High School Students