Course: A Heart for Europe - the Story of the Last Holy Roman Emperor

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This is the little known story of how the last Catholic Holy Roman Emperor, Charles of Austria, was unjustly ousted from his land and people in World War I. Ignoring his constant pleas for peace, the other powers continued the war. At the end, the Allies stablished a revolutionary dominion in Austria according to their own designs, in place of Charles' peaceful regime. Charles was exiled to Madeira and there died. The informative, inspiring, and heart-rending historical-biographies of Charles and Zita, the great Catholic couple who were the last emperor and empress of the Holy Roman Empire (which was intentionally destroyed by anti-monarchical, anti-Catholic powers in World War I). This would be excellent to read alongside our United States history book, the biography of Garcia Moreno, or St. Thomas’ On Kingship.

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Textbook: A Heart for Europe


Author: James and Joanna Bogle

Publisher: Gracewing

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This wonderful biography gives us the story of the lives of Emperor Charles, the last Hapsburg ruler of the Austria-Hungarian Empire, and Empress Zita. Married to Princess Zita of Bourbon-Parma, Charles inherited the throne of Austria-Hungary in 1916 at the height of World War One upon the death of his uncle, the Emperor Franz Josef. His dedicated efforts to end the war earned him the popular name the Peace-Emperor. After a heart-rending struggle in the face of impossible odds, he had an early death in exile on the island of Madeira, after two attempts to regain the Hungarian throne. This book tells of these events set in the context of the wider drama of the twentieth century, showing how a great and historically peaceful empire was destroyed.

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ISBN: 9780852441732

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