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This whole course tells the history of the U.S. from an unabashedly Traditional Catholic standpoint. It begins with Isabella and the problems she faced, and her sending Columbus on his voyages, who then discovered the Americas.  We trace the beautiful work, culture, and Catholic evangelization of the Spanish and French missionaries and explorers.  The work of these two nations is later almost completely destroyed by the (mostly) Protestant English who arrive.

The founding, growth, and expansion of our country is enriched with pertinent quotes from key figures, including the Popes and saints such as St. Thomas himself.   In fact, everything is judged - including the principles of the Founding Fathers - under the light of Catholic Faith and social teachings of the popes. The book marks out the constant struggle between Catholicism and atheism as it has been experienced in the U.S.

Throughout the book, we feature various smaller details left out by other history textbooks, which particularly underscore central ideas. We bluntly give our interpretation and critique, marked of in special sections, of the historical events at intervals throughout the text. The student will not be tested on these parts but is encouraged to read them.   Part 1 of the history course covers up to the Civil War, and Part 2 from thence until the 1970's. 

This course is a must read for any Catholic high school student, and we have been told multiple times that adults have also learned much from the book.

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$ 100

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Textbook: United States History for High School - A Traditional Catholic Perspective


Author: Staff of Christ the King Books


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Spelling/Grammar done; pictures fixed; NEEDS PROOFREAD

ISBN: 9781637941829

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