Course: Robert Louis Stevenson, "Kidnapped"

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Kidnapped is the adventurous story of young David Balfour, who is the rightful heir to a Scotish estate, but who is deprived of his fortune by his uncle who unjustly claims the estate.  David eventually discovers that he himself is the rightful heir, but the uncle has David kidnapped by the captain of a ship bound for America.  The excitement begins here with David eventually meeting the man who will become his great ally and friend, Alan Stewart.  David and Alan eventually get back to Scotland, experience many dangerous adventures together, finally meeting a lawyer who helps them force an agreement with the uncle to give David a fair inheritance.

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Textbook: Kidnapped


Author: Robert Louis Stevenson


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Tricked by his uncle who has stolen his inheritance, young David Balfour is kidnapped and bound for America. Or at least that was the plan, until the ship runs into trouble and David is rescued by Alan Breck Stewart, a fugitive Jacobite. Balfour, a canny lowlander, finds an echo of some wilder and more romantic self in the willful and courageous Highland spirit of Alan Breck. A strange and difficult friendship is born as their adventures begin. This is a famous novel of travel and adventure in the Scottish landscape.

ISBN: 9781637941300

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ISBN: 9781949460629

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