Course: 10th Grade Literature - Standard

Course description:

As with all of our literature courses, the books listed here are just a suggested set.  When enrolling your student in this course, you are free to add, delete, or substitute other literature from our large selection.  We want your student to read exactly what you feel is best suited; parents are the best judges.
This Tenth Grade Standard literature course exposes the student to yet more classics, harder and longer than those of Ninth, and proportionately more rewarding.   The theme this year is most definitely British, and in fact, every author below is British.

Father Dudley's Shadow on the Earth is an easy-to-read shorter work which tells the story of a providential mountain climbing accident which caused a vicious anti-Catholic Protestant to covnert, thanks to the tender care and wisdom of a monk in the Alps. 
Eric Blair (whose pen name was George Orwell) gave us the classic Animal Farm, the allegorical story of a group of animals who revolt against their human farmer and take over the farm.  A group of pigs rise up to lead and control the mob in true Communist style, complete with propaganda and brainwashing, while the simpler animals try to figure it all out.  Many literary analysts conclude that Orwell was satiring the leading characters of the Russian Bolshevik Communist revolution in 1917, which formed the Soviet Union.

Next, the student will learn to appreciate (or at least not fear) the name 'Shakespeare' by reading one of his easier and delightful works: the Comedy of Errors..  This hilariously confused tale includes two sets of twins who are separated at birth by a storm at sea: a pair of masters (both named Antipholus) and a pair of servants (both named Dromio).  Years later, the Antipholus-and-Dromio pair raised in Syracuse happen to visit Ephesus, where the respective twins reside.  This provides the basis for ongoing incidents of mistaken identity, within a lively plot of quarrels, arrests, and a grand courtroom climax of the play.  A spectacle of pure farce in the spirit of utmost fun and hilarious confusion! 

The student then samples several easier and enjoyable stories from G. K. Chesterston and P. G. Wodehouse.

The course finishes with Charlotte Brontë's wonderful and edifying classic, Jane Eyre.  This is the story of a poor orphan girl whose extremely difficult childhood involves rejection, extreme loneliness, and poverty; her fight against her own faults, especially her temper; her sterling character and morality; her pure and unselfish love for an English nobleman.  There is some romance in this novel, but it is very refined and morally upright.  Not just loved by girls; boys can definitely enjoy this too.

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Course fee:

$ 152