Course: 10th Grade Literature - Standard

Course description:

As with all of our literature courses, the books listed here are just a suggested set.  When enrolling your student in this course, you are free to add, delete, or substitute other literature from our large selection.  We want your student to read exactly what you feel is best suited; parents are the best judges.
This Tenth Grade Standard literature course exposes the student to yet more classics, harder and longer than those of Ninth, and proportionately more rewarding. 
Father Dudley's Shadow on the Earth tells the story of a viciously-anti Catholic Protestant who covnerts thanks to a mountain-climbing accident and the tender care and wisdom of a monk in the Alps. 
Young readers will love The Autobiography of a Hunted Priest, the trie story of a Jesuit priest in Elizabethan England, whose burning zeal for souls propels him through torture, incredible adventures, conversion stories, and many narrow escapes. 
Animal Farm is the classic story of a group of animals who revolt against their human farmer and take over the farm.  A group of pigs rise up to lead and control the mob in true communist style, complete with propaganda and brainwashing, while the simpler animals try to figure it all out.  Many think Orwell was directly describing communism with the book, although there are other theories.
Finally, the student is introduced to great British works by means of Charlotte Brontë's edifying classic, Jane Eyre

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