Course: 11th Grade Literature - Standard

Course description:

As with all of our literature courses, the books listed here are just a suggested set.  When enrolling your student in this course, you are free to add, delete, or substitute other literature from our large selection.  We want your student to read exactly what you feel is best suited; parents are the best judges.


This Eleventh Grade Standard literature course exposes the student to some of the greatest Catholic writers ever - William Shakespeare and Dante Alighieri.   They follow Dante through the horrors of hell, learning not only the eternal punishment for sin, but enjoying the vivid language and dialouges of the characters - both living and damned.   Further, the student is taught to admire, not fear that scary word 'Shakespeare', as the Comedy of Errors can make even the most initially-frightened student laugh with delight.  The student continues his exposure to British classics with Jane Austen's subtle work, Pride and Prejudice.  

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