Course: 11th Grade Literature - Standard

Course description:

As with all of our literature courses, the books listed here are simply a suggested set.  When enrolling your student in this course, our registration system allows you to easily add, delete, or substitute other literature from our large selection of literature.  We want your student to read exactly what you feel is best suited; parents are the best judges.


This Eleventh Grade Standard literature course familiarizes the student with some of the greatest writers ever - Dante Alighieri, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, as well as the lesser known English priest, Fr. Gerard.

First, we accompany the great Italian Catholic poet Dante through the horrors of hell in the Inferno, which is the first part of his classic The Divine Comedy.   We not only see the eternal punishments for sin justly meted out by God, but we also get to enjoy the vivid language and dialouges of the characters - both living and damned, men and devils.

Next, the student continues his growing appreciation for Shakespeare by reading The Merchant of Venice, which tells the story of an unfortunate Venetian who in need of money, borrows from a wealthy Jew.  The Venetian is confident he can easily pay it back, and agrees to the frightening contract stipulation which states that if it is not paid back on time, the Jew can take "a pound of his flesh".   All turns out well in the end, but not before many adventures and twists.

Young readers will love The Autobiography of a Hunted Priest, the true story of a Jesuit priest Fr. John Gerard who tended to souls in fiercely anti-Catholic Elizabethan England in the late 1500's.  Fr. Gerard's burning zeal for souls propels him through torture, incredible adventures, conversion stories, and many narrow escapes.  This book should not be missed by any high school student.

The student finishes this course by developing an appreciation for more subtle humor and themes in Jane Austen's classic, Pride and Prejudice.

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Course fee:

$ 133