Course: 12th Grade Literature - Standard Diploma

Course description:

As with all of our literature courses, the books listed here are just a suggested set.  When enrolling your student in this course, you are free to add, delete, or substitute other literature from our large selection.  We want your student to read exactly what you feel is best suited; parents are the best judges.


This Twelfth Grade Standard literature course treats the student to four wonderful works.

First, he reads part of an easier but critical work by St. Thomas Aquinas himself, On Kingship.  In it, the Angelic Doctor, developing and applying the solid philosophy of Aristotle's Politics, shows the true nature of civil society, the social nature of man, the true duties of the ruler, the difference beween tyrannical and valid forms of government, and the solemn duty of citizens to obey and not rebel, even against of evil rulers.  

The student continues developing appreciation for the great Shakespeare by reading Julius Caesar, one of the greatest tragedies ever written. 

Finally, the student is rewarded with A Heart for Europe, the heart-rending story of an amazingly noble Catholic couple - the Emperor Charles and Empress Zita of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.  Truly concerned for the welfare of their people, these rulers fought in vain to keep their Catholic empire together against all odds and out of World War I.  The book ends with England and the United States carving up their empire into small countries and banishing this magnificient couple to a remote island.  There, the young Charles dies of pneumonia leaving his widow penniless to take care of many children.  These two show by living example how truly good rulers implement the principles and guidelines laid down in St. Thomas's On Kingship.

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Course fee:

$ 25