Course: Protestantism - Destroyer of Faith, Morals, and Civil Society
A historical - biographical study

Course description:

Would you like your children to understand how civil society, morals, and belief in Church teaching have broken down to the low point we see today? Do you wish your children to understand what the Church teaches about Sacred Scripture, good works, indulgences, the means of justification, and other things? They will learn those things in this course, and will see that wherever Protestant heresies take hold, there is soon afterwards the destruction of morals, clear thinking, breakdown of civil society and order, and eventually, open revolt.

With more than just the infamous Martin Luther on trial in this course, the student learns the fundamental problems and dangerous results of all the major Protestant so-called “reformers” (its founders were revolutionaries, and reformed nothing). Their errors are exposed for what they are. It is true, however, that we study these things through the primary lens of Luther’s life and teachings. After showing how Luther came up with his unbelievable theories, the wake of destruction they caused, we learn how the Church fulfilled her divine mission by exposing the errors and teaching even more clearly than ever the truths of the matter.

This is a very important historical-apologetical course which should be taken by every Catholic high school student who wishes not only to know his Catholic Faith better, but to also withstand (and help others withstand) Protestant attacks on the beautiful doctrines of Christ.

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Textbook: The Facts About Luther - Annotated with many study helps for high school students


Author: Monsignor Patrick F. O’Hare, LL. D.

Publisher: Christ the King Books

Publisher's Description:

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This book is an important staple in the diet of any student of Catholic apologetics and history.

These pages contain much more than just a careful telling of the bizarre life, teachings, and behavior of Martin Luther, that monk-priest who apostatized to start the heretical cult called Lutheranism. Would you like your children to know how Western civilization fell from its heights in the beautiful Middle Ages, into the abyss we now find ourselves? Then most definitely have them read this book, for Protestantism is directly responsible not only for heresy, but also for massive civil unrest and the spirit of revolt.

Christ the King Books has republished Fr. O’Hare’s scholarly classic as a heavily annotated version, making it much easier for high school students to understand and appreciate. Chapter subheadings, numerous notes and vocabulary definitions, as well as pictures and maps bring the subject matter alive and more easily understandable for the student.

Monsignor O’Hare also provides a beautiful exposition of the Catholic Faith in those areas which pertain to the disputed questions: How is man justified (that is, made pleasing to God)? What is Revelation and where is it found, just in Scripture? What are the approved books of Scripture and who decides what constitutes the bible? What are indulgences and is this a reasonable concept supported by Scripture? What is predestination, and what is the proper view of it?

In answering such questions, Fr. O’Hare prevents any mistaken trust one might place in Luther as a teacher or so-called “reformer” but also utterly destroys the very foundations of Protestantism, for in the process, Calvin, Zwingli, and other heresiarchs are also brought on trial. Fr. O’Hare, in fact, achieves his purpose using only quotes from Protestant authorities and historians, lest people dismiss his historical sources as being “bigoted, lying Catholics.” In fact, Fr. O’Hare is writing the book to Protestants who have enough good-will to investigate the plain facts. In the final chapter, he traces how the civil problems of his time (at that time, divorce, adultery, etc.) could be directly traceable to Luther’s rebellion and his corrupt teachings.

Recommended for grades 11-12, although a mature sophomore could also read it. 300 pages. A must read! This book is a perfect match with Christ the King Books’ Annotated Sacred Scripture series, especially the first book of that series, Introduction to Sacred Scripture.

ISBN: 9781637942031

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