Course: Sacred Scripture - Level 1

Course description:

Many Catholics - students and even adults - have never read much Sacred Scripture itself.  This is unfortunate because Sacred Scripture is one of the two primary sources of Divine Revelation, is extremely instructive and important, and its reading has been highly recommended by the popes.  While commentaries on Sacred Scripture can be very helpful, it is important to read the actual text of Scripture.

This course is designed to not only give the student a sampling of some of the great books of the Old and New Testaments, but to show that there is a real connection between them.  It is very exciting to see how so many figures of the Old Testatment are clearly figures of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  

This course is a definite must for the high school student.  If the student wishes, he can continue on afterward with our Scripture Level Two course, which continues with different books, in the same way.

This is a modular course. Please click on any of the links below to see details for the subcourses.

Course fee:

$ 150