Course: The First Book of Kings

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This book is packed with things to think about and to marvel at. The prophet Samuel (the last of the Judges, who had complete civil and ecclesiastical power in one man) acted as God's mouthpiece for all of God's commands (in contrast with the modern error of separation of church and state); the Israelites who rejected this theocracy of God and demanded a king (despite Samuels warnings about kings' faults); Saul's succession; David and Goliath; Saul's intense jealousy of the popularity of David; Saul's usurping of the priest's job (performing a war sacrifice without a priest); Saul's disobedience to God (refusal to kill all the Amalecs' living things); his hatred and attempted murder of David; David's refusal to harm or rebel against God's "anointed king"; Saul's downfall and suicide.


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Textbook: First Book of Kings - Annotated Sacred Scripture Series


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ISBN: 0169016104001

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