Course: Father Dudley - The Shadow on the Earth

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A mountain climbing accident in the beautiful Alps leaves one of the men seriously wounded, and the whole group of climbers brings him to a nearby monastery, so that he might rest until he can get home.  There they meet the hero of the novel, Brother Anselm, who appears to be a simple monk one could easily pass by, but whom we slowly learn is a deep thinker with a secret in his past.  As the injured man discovers he will be crippled for life, he bitterly denounces God and the helpful monk.  Over time however, Brother Anselm both converts the injured young man to the Catholic Faith, and saves him from the constant attempts of the bitter and cynical atheist to corrupt him.

This easy-to-read and edifying novel furnishes an answer to deep questions, including why there is human suffering on this Earth. This is common question in the minds of men today who do not believe in God. They have no solution to offer.  There is a solution, however, masterfully offered in these pages.   Recommended for grades 9 – 12.

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$ 25

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Textbook: The Shadow on the Earth - A Tale Of Tragedy And Triumph


Author: Fr, Owen Francis Dudley


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ISBN: 9781637941294

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