Course: Shakespeare - "A Comedy of Errors"

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The student will laugh his way through this very enjoyable and easy-to-read introduction to Shakespearian comedy.  Two sets of twins are separated at birth by a storm at sea: a pair of masters (both named Antipholus) and a pair of servants (both named Dromio).  Years later, the Antipholus-and-Dromio pair raised in Syracuse happen to visit Ephesus, where the respective twins reside.  This provides the basis for ongoing incidents of mistaken identity, within a lively plot of quarrels, arrests, and a grand courtroom climax of the play.  A spectacle of pure farce in the spirit of utmost fun and hilarious confusion!   Slightly adapted for high school students.  Recommended for grades 10-12.

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$ 12.5

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Textbook: Comedy of Errors - Annotated and Adapted for High School Students


Author: William Shakespeare


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In all the works of Shakespeare that Christ the King Books publishes, the student is aided by annotations, examples, and illustrations as aids to understanding.

ISBN: 9781637941287

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Exercise Manual: Exercises Manual for Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors