Course: Shakespeare - "The Merchant of Venice"

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Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice tells the story of an unfortunate Venetian who in need of money, borrows from a wealthy Jew.  The Venetian is confident he can easily pay it back, and agrees to the frightening contract stipulation which states that, if it is not paid back on time, the Jew can take "a pound of his flesh".   All turns out well in the end, but not before many adventures, twists, and the fright that the penalty will actually have to be paid.

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$ 12.5

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Textbook: Merchant of Venice - Annotated and Adapted for High School Students


Author: William Shakespeare


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In all the works of Shakespeare that Christ the King Books publishes, the student is aided by annotations, examples, and illustrations as aids to understanding.

ISBN: 9781637941171

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Exercise Manual: Exercises Manual for Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice