Course: World History from a Catholic Perspective

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World history is a branch of history which helps the student better understand how and why men's cultures, nations, religions, and political boundaries got to be the way they are.  It gives attention to the histories of nations, wars, civilizations, and other groups and the differences among them.

But studying such an immense topic without the guidance of the Catholic Faith would be like judging a contest with no rules to guide oneself.  One would not be able to say what with much clarity what is right or wrong (although the Natural Law would still allows us to know some things).  Besides, whenever men write history from a secular perspective, it is almost always unfair, biased, and prejudiced account, downplaying the role of the Church, the Bride of Christ.

That is why this is a Catholic world history course.   Anne Carroll has done a fine job of giving a fair presentation of the facts.

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$ 100

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Textbook: Christ the King, Lord of History


Author: Anne W.Carroll


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ISBN: 9780895555038

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Exercise Manual: Exercises Manual for Christ the King, Lord of History