Tuition / Pricing / Materials

Our primary market is Catholic families, many of which are large.   Money can be very tight.   We get it.   This is why we try to keep our costs down in every way possible, for you, including such things as recycled packaging and simple coil-binding on many of our books, rather than expensive hardcovers and bindings.

Comparing apples to oranges?

Before we talk about our fees, we wish to stress that our service is unlike almost every other Catholic homeschooling service out there.   We grade everything for the parents (whereas many services grade only a fraction of the student’s coursework – one sample per academic quarter).  We also provide a nearly day-to-day system of interaction with the parents and student.  

Because of these advantages, we consider ourselves much closer to a traditional brick and mortar school.   But such a system necessarily involves more costs on our end.  Not only do we need to pay employees to grade the many short answer (handwritten) questions we ask the student in all our courses, but our computer grading  requires heavy resources.   That said, we try to keep things as affordable as possible.

Course Fees

Our courses are individually priced.   Instead of a flat fee per family, each course is carefully analyzed for its length, and resource use and priced accordingly.   We have found this to be the most accurate and fair way to price our products.   Our average course fee is about $60 plus books / supplies.  Thus, for an typical high school student course load of about 6-7 courses, this would be roughly about $350 – $400 per student.  

You can learn more about individual courses, including their prices, by either viewing our Standard Diploma Suggested Courses list or by visiting our All Courses page.   As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.

Books, lesson plans, and exercises manuals

As with our course fees, we try to price our materials as affordably as possible, so schooling is not an undue burden on the pocketbook.

Many of our textbooks come from Christ the King Books.  On these, we are currently offering a 10% discount.   We print our own exercises manuals, and these are usually not much, often less than $10 per course.   (See samples of exercises manuals)  Our customized lesson plans are free.

Many of our books use simple coil-binding, rather than forcing you to pay for expensive hardcovers and bindings.

Do you offer referral bonuses?

Yes!   For every new homeschooling family that enrolls thanks to your referral, we will credit your account $50.  No gimmicks.  No games.  That family, when enrolling, simply needs to list you as a referral contact (remind them to do so when you refer them).  If you do not have an account on our system, or you do but do not want to use your credit(s) for tuition or books, please contact us: we will send you a check at your request.

Word of mouth from other happy Traditional Catholic homeschooling families is the very best advertisement we could hope for.   This is one way of showing our gratitude.

Special Pricing / Parents in Extreme Financial Need

Because we feel our prices are low for the service we offer, we do not currently offer any multiple-student discounts. 

If you are experiencing a serious financial need, such as a job loss, a single parent struggling, please contact us.   We cannot promise a price reduction, but we will certainly listen and consider.